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I offer a flexible bespoke translation service on a wide range of document types. I am proficient in the SDL Trados packages including Multiterm and Translation Memories. The in-house languages are German to English and French to English.



My subtitling experience spans a range of visual media from film to series. I use Wincaps and Swiftpro subtitling software packages. The in-house languages are German to English and French to English.



With a specialist interest in linguistics, a critical eye and experience in proofreading, I also offer this service for English documents as well as a copy editing service.



A firm believer in the promotion of accessibility in this industry, I offer a comprehensive Respeaking service. I am proficient in the Dragon Naturally Speaking software package.


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Rob Hollinshead

I have had many passions in my life. Some have invariably come and gone but languages have stuck with me ever since my early teens. I have been fortunate enough to be able to study them to a high level and work with them in numerous professional environments. Spending time in France and Germany, enjoying the company of their people and gaining a better understanding of their languages and cultures was fascinating and rewarding in equal measure.

My foreign tongues are two of the best assets I have. These, combined with a critical eye and a love of words and language led me to aspire to become a translator and the opportunity to study this with an audiovisual/media element was most enticing. Gaining proficiency in translation technology has been worth its weight in gold in terms of know-how as well as competitive clout and learning to subtitle professionally provided me with a new found love and specialism (so much so that it was the centre-point of my MA dissertation). The opportunity to use these invaluable skills in the real world has been and is a very positive experience and having the good fortune to be able to work with the likes of filmmakers and major media companies has done nothing to make me doubt this career decision. I'm very happy to be a cog in this exciting industry and that is reflected in my work.

If you would like more information on the services I provide and my rates, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

These are my qualifications

Qualified Translator

BA (Hons) Degree

Modern Languages
(University of Wolverhampton)

The core content of this degree course was to develop French and German language skills to a high level and it has enabled me to use my languages competently in professional environments.

The additional focus on linguistics as part of the degree has provided me with an excellent understanding of these languages and their structures, invaluable knowledge for people who work with languages in intimate detail.

Qualified Translator

Master's Degree

MA Audiovisual Translation
(University of Roehampton)

This course helped me to hone my translation technique and taught me skills in subtitling, software and game localisation, respeaking and translation technology, as a result of which I am proficient in the following applications:
- SDL Trados (certified) and Multiterm
- Passolo
- Wincaps
- Swift Pro

These are my contact details

Contact Rob HollinsheadContact Rob Hollinshead


Rob Hollinshead
Flat 1 St Catherine's
2 Vicarage Road

Telephone: 07917 167 690

Email: info[at]

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